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At Austin’s Floor Store, we know you have many options when deciding where to purchase your flooring. Some consumers are tempted to take advantage of the seemingly greater convenience or lower expense of an online mass retailer. People would probably be surprised to know that online flooring sales have remained nearly static over the last 5 years, despite the popularity of other kinds of online retail markets. Part of the reason for this may have to do with the significant advantages of sticking with local businesses when purchasing flooring.

Reduced Floor Deterioration

Flooring is especially vulnerable to environmental changes. Consequently, buying this material from a producer located in another area results in several problems. If the climate of the region in which it is manufactured differs from yours, the flooring can warp when it moves to your environment. To make matters worse, it may sit in a hot (or cold) warehouse during its journey, causing further damage.

For instance, if you order the flooring material needed to cover a room that is 15 feet wide, humidity and temperature fluctuations can cause the total product to expand by as much as 2 inches by the time it gets to you. Not only will it not be the right size, but it will be misshapen.

Individualized Attention

If you have a question or concern about your flooring, a company that is located across the country will probably not be able to send over a representative to look at the area of concern. Naturally, you will most likely be speaking to them by phone, or waiting to speak as you remain on hold. They will have more difficulty really understanding your needs than someone who is local.

Reliable Reputation

A business that is situated right in your community has a major incentive to do good work. They know their reputation will spread quickly. Consequently, they will recognize the need to provide exceptional customer service to ensure that customers arriving in their store are satisfied. Local flooring companies know that they are building real relationships with customers.

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