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when-to-replace-your-carpetReplacing your carpet is a big decision and an investment. If you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably already noticed some signs of wear in your carpet. In some cases, it’s okay to keep your carpet for a while longer (unless you are ready for an upgrade.) in some cases, it’s simply best to replace your carpet.


One important sign of wear is the color. With time, even the most colorfast fibers can begin to fade in the Austin sun. If the color doesn’t look as vibrant as it once did, or sections that are more exposed to the sun have begun to look lighter than other areas, it’s time to replace it. The color variation may be subtle, and if you’re fine with it, then you don’t have to replace your carpet if that’s the only sign of age. However, if there are stains from pets, kids, or just regular old dirt, then sometimes even the best carpet cleaners can’t make the carpet look like new again, even if they can sanitize the stain.


Have you noticed that some areas of your carpet get more foot traffic than others? These areas get trampled a lot more heavily and frequently. For a while, you can stick to regular vacuuming, cleaning, and maintenance to keep your carpet fluffed. However, with time, even vacuuming may not be enough. Constantly trampled areas can become simply too tired under all those feet. Trampled areas are easy to see by their slight difference in color and even a small depression on the fibers.


When carpets get really old, they may even fray or become thin. If fibers are separating from the carpet, they can be a big nuisance. It can also mean the carpet is damaged and falling apart. If that’s the case, it’s definitely time to get some new carpets.


If your carpets are old enough, sometimes a simple upgrade can instantly increase your home value. Do you remember when you were little and your grandma had those intensely shaggy carpets in a weird, bright orange color? Those colorful shaggy carpets were all the rage once, but no more. Nowadays, you want to go for something shorter, denser, thicker, and ultra soft. Not only will it refresh the house and raise home value, it will get rid of all the old dust and allergens clinging to that old carpet.

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