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Will adding hardwood flooring increase the value of your home? In nearly all cases, yes. However, like any home improvement, hardwood installation needs to be done right to ensure it does add value for the long-term and doesn’t just come with more problems. Our flooring experts in Austin can help you ensure your hardwood increases value with these steps.

Design Guidance

Design services can help you determine the best places to add hardwood flooring. However, in the end, you get the final say, of course. Popular places for hardwood include kitchen and dining rooms, but you can choose to add them just about anywhere. They are great in entryways, living areas, even bedrooms.


Where you install hardwood depends on the style and feel you are going for. Also, different types of wood can complement different styles. Dark oak or rosewood will give a room a different feel than a light and airy maple or the more exotic teak. It’s important to choose the right wood to pair with the room’s other colors and textures, including upholstery, wall paint, hardware, and everything in between.


Just as important as the look itself is the wood’s maintenance needs. Our designers can help you choose the best type of wood for your style and maintenance preferences. Hardwood does require maintenance to keep its beauty, polish, and color. Some woods require more maintenance than others.


For example, a dense walnut will be more resistance to dings and dents than cherry. However, you must also consider that walnut is also a heavier wood and cherry is resistant to warping with moisture. It’s important to consider all the characteristics of each type of wood and to choose the highest quality of hardwood that your budget will allow.

Installation and Renovations

Because hardwood is a natural material and can be prone to warping, denting, or fading, it’s important to maintain it properly and install it correctly. The experts at Austin’s Floor Store are happy to provide you with a professional installation, using either floating, nailed down, or glued down methods. We can also provide maintenance services, such as restorations or replacements when necessary. An old, faded, or warped hardwood floor will not increase the value of your home. In that case, you need professional service to return (or replace) the wood to its original finish.

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