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Most homes in America have carpet in at least one room. Carpet is beautiful, comfortable, and makes a house feel like a home. The trouble with carpet compared to other flooring options like tile and hardwood flooring is that it is more difficult to keep clean. Because of its nature, carpet traps dirt, dust, and allergens far more than tile and hardwood. Because it’s made of fiber, it’s also more difficult to clean if there is a stain or tracks in the carpet. It’s important to keep your carpet clean for a variety of reasons. Follow these 6 simple steps that we’ve outlined to regularly clean your carpet in Austin.

  1. Prepare the Room:
    The first thing to do is prepare the room for cleaning. You will never clean the carpet effectively if you are working around the furniture. Remove all the furniture, rugs, and clutter from the room, and make sure to pick up any small objects or trash that the vacuum won’t.
  2. Vacuum
    Next, vacuum the room meticulously giving special attention to the edges of the room. Use an edging attachment on the vacuum for the best results.
  3. Spot Clean
    Use a spot cleaner to attack any stains, spots, or high-traffic areas. Make sure to test a hidden spot first to make sure the product won’t bleach the carpet.
  4. Clean
    You can then use a rental cleaner that utilizes either the wet extraction or dry extraction method. Make sure to cover the entire carpet thoroughly.
  5. Dry
    If you’re using the wet extraction method, it’s important that you let the carpet dry thoroughly, or you may encourage mold to grow. The best way is to use fans to help the carpet dry as quickly as possible.
  6. Put it back together
    Lastly, you can put the room back together and enjoy your clean carpet in Austin.

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