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cleaner is mopping floorAsk any Realtor and you’ll soon discover just how many people love hardwood floors. Hardwood continues to be a popular flooring choice because it is elegant, natural, and unique. It is also expensive, so it’s important to take good care of your investment. Even if you didn’t pay to put the floor in yourself, it’s a good idea to keep the floor looking great for you to enjoy and in case you ever sell the home. Buyers won’t be impressed by a dingy, worn wood floor. The downside is that cleaning hardwood floors isn’t as intuitive as you might think. Luckily, we have 4 helpful tips for effectively cleaning your hardwood flooring in Austin.

Dust Regularly

You need to keep dirt and dust off the floor because it builds up and looks nasty, but it can also cause scratches in the floor as you walk on it. To keep your flooring beautiful for years, consider using a microfiber duster daily. Just a quick trip around the floor will pick up dust, dirt, and allergens to keep your floor clean and the indoor air healthy.

Use the Right Cleaner

Every week, you should clean the floor, but not just any cleaner will do. Many people recommend vinegar, but that can eat at the finish and leave the floor dull. Soap and wax-based cleaners will leave a residue. Instead, look for a non-toxic, pH-neutral, and biodegradable cleaner because it will clean the floor well and it is better for the environment.

Don’t Forget the Polish

Use a water-based or urethane-based polish every few months to keep the floor from being stripped by your cleaning efforts.

Use the Right Tools

It’s important to clean your hardwood flooring in Austin properly. Don’t use steam cleaners because they use too much heat, which can damage the floor. Similarly, a traditional string mop uses too much water and can warp the floor. Instead, use a washable microfiber pad that will do a great job and also keep trash out of landfills!

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